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Настало время пятничной подборки лучших снимков в Instagram за эту неделю — лучших по мнению привередливой редакции Бигпикчи. Сегодня, как и всякий раз, вы найдете и кадры, сделанные нашими читателями. Поставьте тег #ХочуНаБигпикчу на свой свежий снимок в Instagram, ждите следующей пятницы, и может, и вам повезет. В этот раз, кстати, подборка на четверть состоит из снимков читателей — это наш рекорд. Так что продолжайте классно снимать и ставить наш тег, вы нас вдохновляете!

Среди прочих авторов хочется обратить ваше особенное внимание на прекрасную Марию Плотникову, которая находится сейчас в большом путешествии по России и ведет официальный инстаграм Бигпикчи. Также обращаем ваше внимание на инстаграм российского фотожурналиста Макса Авдеева (@maxavdeex) — он сейчас снимает последствия страшных пожаров в Хакасии и собирается выдвинуться в Читу.

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Wave boogie from the Easter weekend. I finally plucked up the courage to surf back at the beach where I broke my nose in January …the one on my face, not the board unfortunately haha! I'm kind of almost back to square one with my surfing. I get this crazy dizziness in my stomach even when pulling my board out of my car on a small day. My mind is totally cool with everything but the fear of hurting myself like that again has worked its way into my muscle fibers I think and it makes my heart race. So I'm dealing with the battle between my mind and my body each time I put on my leggie, on every take off, on every wipe out, each time I get worked by a big set… even thinking back to that moment when I was getting thrown about by a wave underwater when the board hit me in the face makes me sick… but braking more bones or getting chomped by a shark or being cut by a fin is all a risk, and the fear is there, but without the ocean and my surfing I don't know where or who I'd even be, so the risk is certainly worth the reward. I love surfing, my 'me' time, so tenderly and that's what keeps me paddling out with my heart in my throat at every opportunity I get. I might not rip or shred or even look stylish, but I have the most fun and feel the most like myself when I'm out in the ocean. On a side note – don't forget to click the link in my bio to get more info on my editing guide that I'm working on!

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"Looking at the Big Peekture." #howimetmygrammers #coffeepicturesclub #instagram #singaporeartmuseum

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Frank is in the air of #saghmosavank

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Красавец Казанский Кремль – единственный белокаменный на нашем длинном пути. #Казань #бигшествие #кзн #казаньфото #kzn #kazanfoto #kazangorod

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Morning walk

Фото опубликовано eelco roos (@croyable) Апр 14 2015 в 4:44 PDT

By Fragment App )) #fragment#art#sky#cool#chrystal#myart#fun#vintage#арт#интересно#новости#ХочуНаБигпикчу

Фото опубликовано Антон (@00antoxa00) Апр 14 2015 в 11:09 PDT

The light early in the morning shows hidden weavings #spider #web #sunrise #chiantihills

Фото опубликовано Ilaria Di Biagio (@ilariadibiagio) Апр 10 2015 в 12:26 PDT

#bw #fly #flight #sky #clouds #plane #moscow #russia #paris #France #window #travel

Фото опубликовано Maria Pleshkova (@pleshkova) Апр 11 2015 в 7:52 PDT

People waiting for the statue of Rhodes, the arch-imperialist, to fall. The clouds came out to watch too. #vsco #vscocam #shootingcapetown #shootingsouthafrica #clouds #cloudporn #rhodeshasfallen #rhodesmustfall #notjammieplaza

Фото опубликовано Barry Christianson (@thesestreetsza) Апр 10 2015 в 9:34 PDT

My flight from LA was delayed but finally checked-in for #MBFWA and welcomed by this pastel sunset @parkhyattsydney.

Фото опубликовано Nicole Warne (@garypeppergirl) Апр 14 2015 в 3:08 PDT

From an amazing shoot directed by my friend Doug Nichol @americanbuffalo . Far away somewhere in the Atacama desert in Chile, with hundred of exhausted and thirsty extras… All what they wanted is to jump out of the frame!

Фото опубликовано Frederic Genest (@fredericgenest) Апр 14 2015 в 7:43 PDT

walking on the frozen river

Фото опубликовано 진여(眞如)스님 (@jinyeo108) Апр 13 2015 в 8:51 PDT

Sharing LOTS of behind the scenes scoop today on the blog, including but not limited to- my cotton candy maker details, a look at a completely wrecked studio, and a few more of my current favorite things. Also, the new @OPI_products light-less gel polish is AWESOME! #sugarandcloth

Фото опубликовано Ashley Rose (@sugarandcloth) Апр 14 2015 в 9:07 PDT

Firefighter finishes with the burned house in Shira, Khakasia. #slonru #fires #khakasia

Фото опубликовано Max Avdeev (@maxavdeev) Апр 15 2015 в 7:21 PDT

Phoenix, AZ | April 11, 2015 Stick to the lines. #onassignment #photojournalism #reportage #streetphotography #partypeople

Фото опубликовано Benjamin Lowy (@benlowy) Апр 12 2015 в 5:00 PDT

As we were on the trip on the sahara, we were riding camel and i asked the guide to put me on the last camel so i could take some nice photos, the camel was accidentally untied from the group and the guide was really calm and told me that the camel i rode was the calmest one, but this one was really hungry that it stopped everytime it saw grass, while the camel was eating some grass, i shot this one. So a Win-Win for me and the camel #PPSpringCleaning

Фото опубликовано Azhary, M. Arifuddin (@aifazhary) Апр 11 2015 в 1:18 PDT

S P R I N G T I M E #vscocam #vscorussia #vscobelarus #vscoeurope #justgoshoot #vscogoodshot #belinsta #ua_iphoneography #igmaster #portrait #facelay

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Пятна на солнце— это часто следы тех, кто искал место под ним. (© кто то) #sol #fragment #only #mobilefoto #mobileinstrument #upintheair #tetra #skifi #sky #vscornd #rostov #rnd #хочунабигпикчу #звездапоименисолнце

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#soul_man69 #canon #fashion #street #vscocam #vscocamphotos #girl #sammer

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ветер переменился

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